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November 28, 1908


Aged Texan Was Starving, So He
Committed a Petty Crime.

Because he was nearly famished and with no prospects for a meal or a place to sleep, William Dermott, 69 years old, who came to Kansas City, Kas., recently from Dallas, Tex., threw a rock through a plate glass window in the Lyons building, Seventh street and Kansas avenue, Thursday afternoon. In police court yesterday morning Dermott told Judge Sims that he committed the offense that he might get arrested and get something to eat.

Between the court and the prisoner it was agreed that Dermott should be sentenced to 100 days in jail in order that he could have a place to eat and sleep for the winter.

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September 11, 1908


Judge Sims Wants Posts Established
by State Law.

C. W. Russell, a street car motorman, was arraigned before Judge John T. Sims in police court, Kansas City, Kas., yesterday morning on the charge of beating his wife. He was not ready for trial and the case was continued until this morning. In default of $500 bond he was locked up. Mrs. Russell, whose face showed evidence of the beating she received, was present in court carrying an infant. She will testify against her husband.

Judge Sims after granting a continuance in the Russell case announced that he favored a public whipping post for all wife beaters. "I hope that the next legislature," said the judge, "will pass a law creating a whipping post in all cities of the first class within the state. There is scarcely a day passes that I am not informed of some brutal husband beating his wife. It is getting terrible."

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March 14, 1908


Wing Tries to Bag Dozen Chickens.

After an exciting chase in which a number of shots were exchanged Charles Wing, who claims he is a resident of Turner, Kas., was arrested last night by Arthur Purvis, son of Solomon Purvis of No. 3 police station, Kansas City, Kas. Wing was discovered in the act of molesting the quietude of the fowls in a hennery at 902 Osage avenue. The cacke of the chickens attracted the attention of young Purvis and, after a running fight, the originator of the disturbance was taken into custody. In a sack, which he carried over his shoulders were a dozen pullets. He will be given an opportunity to explain to Police Judge Sims this morning.

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November 14, 1907


Two Men Found a Refrigerator Car a
Trifle Chilly.

A charge of trespassing was agaisnt C. A. Wilson and F. M. Lakin when they stood up yesterday morning in police court in Kansas City, Kas. They were arrested while sleeping in a refrigerator car in a railroad yard and taken to the holdover in No. 1 police station. Ther prisoners were smiling when they answered to the charge.

"The 'cooler' was a whole lot warmer than the refrigerator," Wilson said in answer to a question.

"I know a warmer place, though, than the holdover," Judge Sims remarked. "That is the rock pile and it's ten days for each of you."

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November 5, 1907


Excuse of a Kansas City, Kas., Man Who Was
Arrested for Drunkenness.

"My wife orders five cases of beer to the house every week. I wouldn't get drunk and chase her from the house if she had less liquor about."

A. Crohn, 660 Scott avenue, gave this excuse in the Kansas City, Kas., police court yesterday morning, when arraigned for drunkenness and causing a disturbance. The wife was not in the courtroom.

"You go to this man's wife, Mr. Riggs," Judge Sims said to the arresting officer. "Tell her to order less beer if she wishes happiness in the home."

Crohn was fined five dollars.

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