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Arthur Edward Stilwell, Railroad Entrepreneur and Visionary

New York's first and America's greatest LandShow was held in Madison Square Garden, November 3 to 12, 1911.  It wasattended by two hundred and thirteen thousand people -- a larger daily patronageby twenty per cent. than was accorded the first Land Show in Chicago -- and onthe last day, for the first time in its history, the doors fo Madison SquareGarden were closed five times to keep out the dense throngs which endangeredsafety.   --Banker's Magazine, March, 1912

Arthur Edward Stilwell

New York Observer and Chronicle    July 20, 1911


An Important Exposition to Be Held in November.

There is being planned a large Land Exposition to be held in Madison Square Garden, New York, November 3-12, 1911, the first of a series of similar annual gatherings.  The exposition will be under the control of the Land and American Irrigation Exposition.  The financial resources of those responsible are stated to be more than two million dollars, while leading railroads, progressive States and many organizations are co-operating with the management.

The president of the exposition is Arthur E. Stilwell, vice-president; Gilbert McClurg, who has had experience with Chambers of Commerce and irrigation.  The governing and advisory board comprises a large number of men of prominence throughout the country, and includes United States Senators, railroad presidents, general passenger agents, Governors of States, educators and others.

The main purpose of the Exposition is to depict the 

progress of American agriculture, and there will be demonstrations of agriculture, as generally practised, with illustrations of modern scientific farming and agriculture under irrigation.  Exhibits have been secured from all over the country and supplementing these will be the illustrated lectures by speakers of national reputation.  Opportunity will be afforded for the homeseeker, the farmer, the railroad man, the student and others to secure exhaustive information regarding the development and colonization of land throughout the country.  The exposition will give the New England States an opportunity for the first time in its history to make comprehensive exhibit of its agricultural resources.  Potatoes from Maine will be shown, and the Commissioner of New Hampshire declares that the Granite State apples will beat those of Oregon.  Massachusetts expects to win the prize for Indian corn and Connecticut for oats, while Long Island will show what it can do in the way of apples, alfalfa, sugar beets, corn oats, potatoes and wheat.

There are many prized to be awarded.  A one thousand dollar cup will be given by James A. Hill for the best one hundred pounds of wheat grown in the United States.  Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president of the Canadian Pacific, will give $1,000 in gold for the best one hundred pounds of hard red winter wheat grown on either Continent of America, and the International Harvester Company of America will offer a $1,000 cup for the best thirty ears of Indian corn of any variety grown in the United States.  The list of prizes is a generous one.

Such an enterprise, the educational value of which will be hard to estimate, deserves success, and doubtless citizens of the metropolis and the visitors within its bounds will show their appreciation of this exposition by attending in large numbers.

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