Vintage Kansas City .com Birds of the Kansas City Region by Harry Harris
By Harry Harris
Associate Member American Ornithologists Union
The Cardinal.
The Chimney Swift.
The Screech Owl.
The Scarlet Tanager.
The Black Tern.
The Carolina Wren.
The Red-Eyed Vireo.

     Common Resident.


     The Carolina Wren is present during the entire year and is one of the few winter songsters.  It is to be looked for in any kind of wooded territory and is common in the Swope Park district, in the Blue Valley and Brush Creek woods and in all the wilder sections of the county.

     It nests among overhanging roots along creeks and ravines or in holes in the banks.  One nest was found by Tindall in a wagon bridge near Independence.  Five to seven eggs are laid  in early May and more than one brood is raised.  One nest was found on August 15, 1901, containing three fresh eggs (Tindall).

The Prothonotary Warbler.
The Blue Jay.
The Wood Thrush.
The Brown Creeper.
The Warbling Vireo.
The Purple Martin.
The Robin.
The Barn Swallow. The Bluebird. The House Wren. The Mourning Dove.

Birds of the Kansas City Region

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