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By Harry Harris
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The Cardinal.
The Chimney Swift.
The Screech Owl.
The Scarlet Tanager.
The Black Tern.
The Carolina Wren.
The Red-Eyed Vireo.

OTUS ASIO NAEVIUS Gmelin.  Proposed April, 1917.  Screech Owl.
     Very common resident.

The Screech Owl.


     The Screech Owl is a common bird within the city, nesting in early March about the boulevards and parks, wherever suitable cavities are to be found.  A pair nested for fifteen years at Armour Boulevard and Campbell, another at Valentine Road and Broadway, and others have been regularly seen or heard in many other regions.

     They have been observed lurking about street lights in search of large insects or possibly toads.  They are known to prey on mice and English Sparrows and should be carefully protected. 

     It is doubtful if this owl is as common about the city as formerly, since it is frequently killed or driven away under the impression that it is a destroyer of song birds.  One instance is known of six (two adults and four grown young) being killed in one evening.  An examination of dozens of specimens taken in this vicinity leads to the belief that the gray color phase predominates here.

The Prothonotary Warbler.
The Blue Jay.
The Wood Thrush.
The Brown Creeper.
The Warbling Vireo.
The Purple Martin.
The Robin.
The Barn Swallow. The Bluebird. The House Wren. The Mourning Dove.

Birds of the Kansas City Region

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