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Nervousness and Nervous Debility.


     When a well man is exhausted, good food, well digested, with a few hours of sleep or rest, will restore his nervous system to a perfect or normal condition, and he feels like a new man ready to work again.

     When his nerves and nerve centers are disordered, no matter how much rest and food he may take, the nervous system does not become rested and restored.  Consequently he feels exhausted and irritable and does not feel fresh and vigorous as he should.  I wish to impress upon you that if a man continually exhausts h is nervous force, without restoring it to its normal condition, he will soon become a nervous wreck and suffer from what is commonly called Nervous Prostration.

     The symptoms most commonly encountered are headache, backache, muscular weakness, mental depression, irritability, sleeplessness, associated with indigestion, capricious appetite, palpitation of the heart, disturbed circulation, rapid pulse, shooting pains in various parts of the body, tenderness of the spine, and disturbance of the vision. 

     The complete recovery from nervousness is good if the patient is property controlled and managed.  There is no treatment that equals a period of rest when taken under the proper conditions.  I wish to say that the Sanitarium affords every advantage to those who are afflicted in this manner.  The patient must  take his or her rest under the care of a physician, where the surroundings are pleasant and interesting.  This helps to get his mind off his nervous condition and of other things of interest to him.

     A rest from the cares of home and business, with the proper medical attention and treatment with electricity, baths, etc., will soon build up the nerve centers and restore the sufferer to health.

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