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The Dillenbeck School of Expression

Preston K. Dillenbeck, President


Kansas City, Missouri


HE Dillenbeck School of Expression was established in 1893, and the following year was incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri,
thereby becoming empowered to grant diplomas and confer the degree of Bachelor of Oratory on all students honorably completing the prescribed course of study.  During the last twenty-two years the school has enrolled over four thousand students; its graduates are holding responsible positions as teachers in schools and colleges, while others are on the Lyceum and lecture platform.  Still others have found our training invaluable in business and professional life.

     The school enjoys a nation-wide reputation.

     Nearly every state in the Union has been represented in our classrooms.

     The growth of the school from the first has been steady and healthful, such as only thorough, earnest, and conscientious work can accomplish.



From "The Independent," Kansas City, Mo.

     The Dillenbeck School is one of Kansas City's points of pride.  It is one of the best known schools of its kind in the United States, and has a distinction from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

     The cultivation of high ideals, working hand in hand with intellectual development, has made the success which the Dillenbeck School has attained.

     The primary object of the school is to teach expression as an art or personal culture, whether the pupil's aim is public speaking, platform reading, teaching, Lyceum or Chautauqua work, the stage or merely grace and ease in private conversation.

     The work of the courses is both educative and practical, cultivating not only the intellectual and physical faculties, but the charm of personality which is so necessary to the man or woman in every walk of life.  The students of the Dillenbeck School leave it with a fuller knowledge of life in its deepest meaning, and with the faculty of expressing this knowledge.

     The students come to the Dillenbeck School from all over the country.  Every state in the Union is represented there.  They come for preparation to adopt various vocations, and take courses in interpretive literature, the drama, reading and physical culture.  The main object of the school is to create teachers, but the course of study may be used in any profession, as it lays a foundation for success.  Many of the most prominent business and professional men in the state have privately studied at the Dillenbeck School.  Some of the most noted high school and college teachers are its graduates, while the Lyceum bureaus look to it for the stars of its courses.

     The stage has had its share, notable of whom are Janet Dunbar, David Belasco's discovery, and Gene Gauntier, of film fame, both of whom are graduates.

     Mr. Dillenbeck is indefatigable in his aim to foster and develop the highest ideals in his pupils, and no one who comes under his influence or enjoys an occasional casual contact with him but is impressed with his sense of responsibility to the young people who are his pupils.


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Studio Building, N. W. Corner Ninth and Locust Sts.

Kansas City, Missouri



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