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Office and Lobby of the Baltimore Hotel.

     From a small and comparatively obscure city, only a score of years ago, Kansas City  has forged her way to the very front of the cities of America. Her wonderful strides in a business way and her importance as a railway and jobbing center have been quite generally heralded for a number of years. But wonderful as has been the growth of her jobbing and wholesale interests, even more noticeable has been the evolution of her fine homes and boulevards and business blocks. Office and business buildings that compare favorably with those of any city in the United States have been erected in the last few years.

     Commensurate in every way with the growth and development of Kansas City has been the growth of the Baltimore Hotel. For many years a hotel of but little over 300  rooms, the excellence of her service and the general high character of her cuisine and furnishings had caused her to be well and favorably known from coast to coast. As she now stands, more than double her original size, impressive of design, rich and magnificent in appointments, every department numbering all that is modern in equipment, she takes rank among the very best and most beautiful hotels in America.

     This beautiful structure was erected by Mr. Bernard Corrigan in conjunction with the Corrigan estate, on the accepted plans and largely from the suggestions of Messrs. Dean Brothers and was designed in detail by Mr. Louis Curtis, an architect of international repute. The building fronts on Eleventh street, Baltimore avenue and Twelfth street, while its remaining side gains light and ventilation from an extremely wide alley which parallels Main street, thus constituting a building an entire block long and one-half city block wide, having splendid light on the four sides.

     The building comprises eleven stories and basement. The portion of the basement fronting on Eleventh street and embracing one-half the area is devoted to the Rathskeller, the main buffet and grill while the remaining basement area, equaling one-quarter of an entire city block, is given over to the purposes of the principal kitchen, refrigerating plant, lighting, heating and ventilating systems, together with the vacuum and plenum systems. Here also is located the apparatus for the combustion of refuse, and in fact all other mechanical adjuncts necessary in the scientific construction in modern hotel economics.

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