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The Pompeiian Room at the Hotel Baltimore

     Next to the Egyptian Room is the Pompeiian Room, one of the finest examples of Pompeiian architecture in the United States. Truly does it take us back to the time of the Romans, two thousand years ago, and we indeed feel, on entering this room that we are verily on the threshold of one of the noble Roman palaces of which we know so little other than that which is told us by the ruins that are left of the Roman Villas and the fragments of Roman architecture which we find throughout the museums of Europe.

     This room is one of the purest examples of the Hellenic art as exemplified by the excavated remains from the varied cities. A majestic vase in statuary marble, a replica of a recently discovered fragment in Herculaneum stands at the further end of this room. This vase rests on a pedestal rising from a large water basin, the whole forming a fountain of great purity of design and grace.

     The furniture is in exact duplication of old Pompeiian pieces and there is no attempt whatever at originality in the treatment of this room other than the fact that the artists have confined themselves strictly to reproducing the effect of a true Pompeiian room in every detail. The walls are in red with elaborate Pompeiian Arabesque ornaments trellising the same. The lower part of the room, or dado, is in Verde Antique marble. The candelabrum are correct reproductions of the old Pompeiian Standards. The floor is of marble. The splashing of the limpid waters from the handsome Pompeiian fountain perfects this old time scene. The ceiling is richly gilded, illuminated and picked out in various stones of rich color. Pompeiian ornaments in all their gorgeousness practically cover this ceiling, making an effect that is superb over all.

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