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MRS. B. F. SMITH, Columbia, Mo.

   Dr. Bye,  the noted specialist on Cancer and Malignant Diseases, is rapidly coming to the front by the use of  his soothing Balmy Oils for the treatment of the above named diseases.  He has permanently cured more cases of Cancer than all other specialists combined.  His treatment consists of local applications of the Balmy Oils and internal medication of a powerful alternative, which removes all predisposing causes, thereby preventing it from ever returning.  Until the discovery of his Oils by him six years ago, a surgical operation or the burning plaster were the only two methods used and they gave only temporary relief.  A large per cent returned in a few months and always in more malignant form, ran their course more rapidly and caused the most intense suffering until relieved by death.  This method is a godsend to sufferers.  There is no case that is incurable.  Most cases treated and cured by home treatment.  Everyone can afford to use the treatment in this way, as the prices are moderate.  Below are given the names and addresses of a few we have cured:

   Mr. M. Yant, of Crete, Neb., who had a large cancer, 2 1/2 by 3 inches in diameter, on the side of his face and was 77 years old, writes:  "I must say you have performed one of the most miraculous cures in my case I ever saw or heard of."

With Soothing,
Balmy Oils.

J. H.  MITCHELL, Paola, Kas.

T. J. Thomas, 1712 S. Carolina St., Louisiana, Mo., cancer on back of neck.

Mr. L. Watson, of Midway, Mo., 75 years old, had one located in same place and has removed and sore healed in six weeks' time.

Mrs. S. J. Anderson, of Greenville, Tex., cured of a very large cancer of breast.

Mrs. W. A. Southard, Buffalo, Mo., cancer of breast, size of teacup, cured by home treatment.

J. J. Mitchell, Alta Vista, Kas., cancer on the back.

Mrs. Annie M. Bernard, Dear Lodge, Mont., cured cancer lower limb in five weeks.

Lucile Miller, Palestine, Tex., fibroid tumor.

MR. M. YANT, Crete, Neb.

Says of Our Mild Method of Curing    Cancer:  "You have performed one of the   most miraculous cures in my case ever heard of."
No need of cutting off a woman's breast, or a man's cheek or nose, in a vain attempt to Cure Cancer.  No use of applying burning plasters to the flesh and torturing those already weak from suffering.  Thousands of persons successfully treated.  This wonderful Mild Method is also a never failing cure for tumors, catarrh, ugly ulcers, piles, fistula, and all skin and blood diseases.  Write today for free illustrated book, which tells how you may be CURED AT HOME AT SMALL EXPENSE.

Mrs. S. A. Kimbrough, Jonesboro, Mo.,  cancer of face.

J. B. Hopkins, Savannah, Mo., cancer of face and throat.

Mrs. Potter, Harrington, Del., cured of piles, home treatment.

Mr. Brady Mitchell, of Number One, Tenn., cured of epithelloma (cancer) of lower eyelid by home treatment.

Persons desiring to know more of this valuable treatment should write to Dr. Bye at the address below.


Ninth and Broadway,

Kansas City, Mo.

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