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This organization shall be known as the KNIFE AND FORK CLUB OF KANSAS CITY.

The purposes of this Club are to associate together at a monthly dinner, representatives of the various professions and business interests in Kansas City, to listen to and engage in discussions of current events, questions of science, sociology, economics, history, literature and politics; to increase the acquaintance of each member of the Club by bringing all the members together in friendly, social intercourse; to create among its members a feeling of good fellowship and unselfish, non-partisan public spirit that will make for the advancement of the interests of our city, the promotion of good government, and the improvement of the condition of its inhabitants.

SECTION I.  At each monthly dinner one or more papers shall be read or addresses given on questions of current interest, followed by a brief discussion by the members or others invited to speak.

SECTION II.  Any male resident of Kansas City, of good moral character, shall be eligible to membership.  Honorary members may be elected from time to time, by a unanimous vote of the Club, upon recommendation of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors may elect out-of-town persons to non-resident membership.

SECTION III.  The officers of this club shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Executive Committee of ten members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman, and such committee together with the officers of the Club, shall constitute the Board of Directors or Managing Board of the Club.

SECTION IV.  The President shall preside at all dinners given by the Club and at all meetings of the Board of Directors and perform such other duties as may be delegated to him by the Board of Directors; and in his absence or inability to act his duties shall be performed by the First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, or Chairman of the Executive Committee in the order named.

SECTION V.  The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall have charge of all arrangements for the dinners given by the Club; shall audit the accounts of the Club and perform such other duties as may be delegated to him by the Board of Directors.

SECTION VI.  The Secretary shall keep a faithful record of all proceedings of the Club and the Board of Directors,  and shall keep a roll of all members of the Club and attend to the matter of sending notices and invitations to members and guests.

SECTION VII.  The Treasurer shall keep a faithful account of all receipts and disbursements; shall collect dues from members and pay the bills of the Club upon approval by the Chairman of the Executive Committee or Secretary.

SECTION VIII.  The Board of Directors shall be the managing body of the Club, and shall, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, have full power and authority to determine all questions relating to the management of the Club, its business affairs, the admission of members, the suspension of members, the time and place of holding meetings, the speakers at the meetings, the subjects to be discussed and matters of a similar nature.

SECTION IX.  Eight monthly dinners shall be given by the Club each year, beginning in October and ending in May, unless the Board of Directors shall otherwise determine.  All officers shall be elected at the May and January meetings; those elected in May shall serve from August 1st until February 1st or until their successors are duly elected; those elected in January shall serve from February 1st until August 1st or until their successors are duly elected.

SECTION X.  Elections shall be held in the following manner:  At the December and April meetings of each year the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a nominating committee of not less than twenty-five members to report nominees for all offices at the succeeding meeting.  If the nominations so made by the nominating committee shall be approved by the Club, the persons so nominated shall be declared the officers of the Club for the ensuing term.  If any nominations so made shall not be approved by the Club, then immediately an election shall be held according to parliamentary usage, to fill the offices for which nominations have not been approved.

SECTION XI.  The monthly meetings of the Club shall be social in character and all business matters shall be referred to the Board of Directors for settlement, unless there is unanimous consent to the consideration of such matters at any dinner, or unless a special business meeting be ordered by a majority of those present at any regular meeting.

SECTION XII.  All applications for membership shall be placed by the Secretary upon the waiting list, and no name shall be taken up to be acted upon for membership without the unanimous consent of the Board of Directors, which shall, from time to time, take as many names from the waiting list as it deems advisable to add to the membership.

SECTION XIII.  The constitution and by-laws of the Club may be amended, as occasion may require, in conformity to the purposes of the Club, by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors at any regularly called meeting thereof, but the acts of said board shall be subject to revision by the Club in the manner herein provided.

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