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Hair Goods and Ladies' Turkish Baths
TURKISH BATHS for ladies only. Magnificently appointed rooms for the scientific giving of Turkish Baths. The effect is strengthening, beautifying, and healthful; the thorough cleanliness cannot be obtained by any other bath known. Competent lady attendants. Reasonable, established prices.

Strictly First Class Hair Dressing, Manicuring, Chiropody, etc.
Our GRAND HAIR DRESSING PARLORS are the first-class place of Kansas City and the West, unequalled in Chicago or St. Louis.
We use pure Palmole soap and have introduced it into our manicure department.
Superflous Hair, Moles or Warts can be permanently removed by Electrolysis WITHOUT RISK, SHOCK OR PAIN.

WOMEN, you will want a dressy, glamorous hair-do for parties and formal occasions -- so the thing to do is to get hair pieces -- wigs, chignons, curls and braids at VINCENT'S.
MEN, no one will be aware it isn't your hair! Men whose hair is thinning or who have bald spots can improve their appearance with a natural looking toupee. We supply the best, two-faced antiseptic TOUPEE PLASTER.

Dolls Equal to Nature.
We believe that the parents desiring to give their fond child something extremely elegant and at the same time something that will last a life time, which they will appreciate more and more each year of their age, they would do well to purchase one of these artistic creations of J. E. Vincent Hair and Millinery Co.
He also makes dolls' wigs of human hair, from hair of your children or hair selected of him in his DOLLS' INFIRMARY. He repairs any parts of the broken dolls and fixes old dolls as good as new.


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